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Healing Is A Choice We Can All Help Support

Good day beauties! In light of the fact it's Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I wanted to acknowledge the masses who have been sexually assaulted in the US and beyond. I can not only relate, but I'm here when you decide you're ready to heal.

Every 68 seconds a US citizen is sexually assaulted and every 9 minutes that victim is a child. 

That grave reality breaks my heart. Yet I know that healing is possible for every single person who has endured this kind of trauma because I, and so many others have chosen the pathway to healing. 

Choice is the word I'd like to emphasize because no matter how badly we want healing for others they have to decide for themselves that healing is something they want, healing is something they're worthy of, and healing is something that's possible. 


After trauma occurs, the possibilities of healing are so removed from the mind of someone that has been harmed. In fact the body is just simply trying to survive the devastation of what just occurred and will go through great lengths to do so. Even if that means harming oneself or harming others.

Trauma literally restricts us. In fact, every single organ center in the body is impacted after trauma occurs. And in cases of sexual trauma those effects are exacerbated. 

Every single one of us can play a part in helping survivors discover healing simply by doing our work to create loving relationships with others; along with speaking the truths of our own lived experiences. 

Love and connection creates the psychological safety necessary for people to begin to acknowledge their deeply painful experiences, which can then open the door for them to do the worthwhile work to heal. 

And when one chooses healing, they can eventually regulate their nervous system and begin to access a life rooted in unspeakable joy, peace, and overall abundance.


This is one of the main reasons I wrote, Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy. It's for survivors and for us all to do everything we can to help people who have been harmed get well.


So let's get this healing y'all. You can pick up my book today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IngramSpark so you can discover what can happen when we face the demons that trauma creates head on. Not to mention explore practices that have liberated my life which are truly good for us all - like centering an abundance mindset. 


In the meantime we can always chat about your unique needs and how coaching and other services we provide can help you elevate in all the ways you desire - just click here.


With immense healing light & love,

Demarra West


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