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Demarra’s story guides individuals
to have power over their own healing
so they can live joyous, purpose filled lives. And inspires those positioned to
help survivors heal do all they can to support them in healing.

The Story Behind My Book

Written to give survivors an assurance that, no matter who they are, and what they've been through, the path to healing and joy is not only possible but part of their birthright and inherently worth pursuing.

Twenty six years ago I decided to write my story about growing up with complex childhood trauma. After years of writing and writing again, with sometimes years in between, I finally delivered a book that will not only give survivors hope while providing them a pathway for healing, but encourage anyone privileged with the sacred work of helping survivors heal to do all they can to get them there.

My story, riddled with pain enduring from surviving eight out of ten Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), is uniquely my own, but also resembles the story of so many survivors. 

Me Too is a testament to the fact that even therapists, and those called to the healing profession, can have immense healing work to do. Not to mention all of us have been affected - in some shape or form - by trauma, and therefor we all have healing to do. 

It is my hope that Me Too will elevate the conversation on trauma as one our of nations most significant public health crisis.


Trauma and its impact deserves proper attention in order to invest in treatment proven to be revolutionary in helping trauma survivors heal, and yet is being sorely underfunded and underutilized.

By giving power back to survivors through self healing practices it is my hope that more people on the planet will heal and experience the fullness that life has to offer.

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Your Essential Companion is Finally Here!

The study guide is a complementary resource to the book  providing additional resources for practical tools and insights for individuals and support allies on their journey towards healing and empowerment

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What Readers Say

With bravery and eloquence, she shares the profound trauma she endured and the tools she skillfully employed to navigate the path of forgiveness for those who caused her pain. The liberation from this anguish becomes a powerful catalyst for the creation of an amazing and authentic life. This book stands as a guiding blueprint for those in pursuit of a joyful and abundant life. A poignant and transformative read, highly recommended for anyone on a journey of self-discovery and resilience.

Dr. Regena Fails Nelson, Early Childhood Professor, Western Michigan University

A Little About Demarra

Demarra has spent her entire career investing in the betterment of communities, organizations, and people starting with her work with Americorps which catapulted her work in the not for profit sector. Since then she has founded four entities dedicated to leveling the capacity and wellbeing playing field for individuals and institutions that need it the most. Her belief has always been that getting the support we need shouldn’t infringe on what we can afford so she has passionately worked to remove barriers to access her services so those who have historically been left behind can be adequately served, and therefore rise.


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