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When We Work, We Rise

It's amazing how many people get stuck into believing that things are permanent.

Having a growth mindset allows us to embrace the idea that we have the power to change ourselves - no matter how long we've been who we currently are.


When I left the only life I had known for fifteen years, as I described in detail in Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy, and stepped into a world I could barely recognize, I had no idea then that sitting in the abyss of the unknown - as I did my inner and outer work - would result in many discoveries.


After years of believing I didn't enjoy cooking, I discovered I actually enjoyed preparing delicious meals.


After years of barely ever hosting, I discovered I loved hosting in small and more grand ways like the frequent Galentines Party I host now to honor myself and my "sisters."


After years of sleeping in and staying up uber late, I discovered that my body wanted to wake at dawn and rest at nightfall (known as the circadian rhythm)


There are countless other discoveries I could name, but y'all get the gist.


When we work, we rise into more of who are, more of who we were always created to be. It's just that simple.


I believe that we all have many hidden layers that simply can't reveal themselves until we do the work of self discovery.


I often say jokingly that I'm every woman, but the reality is it's true. And so are you - you just may not know it yet.


The job doesn't have to be permanent.

We can grow out of relationships.

Our interests can change.


That is exactly what evolution is, which is part of our natural design, but we have to ignite it through the co-creation process.


So go ahead and co-create the life you want by centering your healing and liberation by any means necessary, and sit back and watch what Source/Universe/God/Creator will help you unearth about yourself as a result.


We're always here to support you on your co-creation journey through wellness coaching, retreats, workshops and more. Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can design support that is right sized for you.



Let's keep rising my loves,

Demarra West


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