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The Joy & Pain Of Truth Telling

The work I've done as a holistic healer, therapist, and coach over the years is deeply sacred. One of the most sacred things in this space is that people often reveal the deepest parts of themselves to me - even ones that sometimes they have never told a soul. This has come to fruition even more since the release of my book, Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy.


There is something about living in truth and speaking truth that gives people the psychological safety to be exactly who they are.


To reveal the fullness of who they are - both the light and the dark parts.


To claim the fullness of what their experiences have been.


Truth is healing.


Our very essence, if we have chosen to live out a fully authentic life, will be the catalyst for individuals to begin to do the same.


Living in truth isn't easy though.


It requires that the parts of ourselves that have been hidden be revealed. 


It requires us to shed the lies that we've taken on about ourselves so that we can see ourselves more clearly. 


Once we strip all that away what we discover is our inherent worthiness. That joy is our natural expression. And that we are pure love and light.


The beautiful thing is you don't have to do the hard work of stripping away to get to the truth on your own.


There is a myriad of support out there to help you reclaim your purest truths so that you can live out your highest potential.


In this community alone, between the raw truth telling in Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy, wellness coaching so you can center all things abundance, or workshops to give you the education you need to be inspired to live life on your own terms, there is something for every single one of you.


We even have an upcoming retreat for aspiring and current writers of color called Inner Eruption. And whether you're a writer or not, between the wellness practices that will be facilitated by myself and my co-lead in the beautiful land of Bali, you will be sure to expand and rise.


And if that's not all, I stay ready to talk with you about individualized wellness support for you or your organization - just click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Let's get this truth beauties,

Demarra West


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