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The Finish Line Is Just the Beginning

One of the things I love about life is that no matter how much we achieve or become, there is always more. In fact, that's ultimately the essence of abundance. The idea of plateauing, glass ceilings, finish lines, and more are technically obsolete in the spirit of abundance, because even as we complete something, there is always something else.

This doesn't suggest we shouldn't pause to acknowledge the magnitude of what we've completed, in fact, we absolutely should relish in it. The art of celebration is something that is often underrated, especially for women, and I implore us all to take the time to celebrate the small and the big wins. (I'll be writing about this next week :))


What it does suggest is that once we get to the end, something more, or new is on the horizon. Even in the case of completing my debut book, Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy that's been twenty-six years in the making, I realized that the work is technically not done. I've simply entered the next chapter of what will come as a result of this sacred work I curated for us all.

And although I have no idea what's fully in store I'm bracing myself for what's ahead.


 So go ahead and finish that thing you've wanted to pursue, but just know that as you do, a new beginning awaits you.


As you get ready for your finish line to enter into new beginnings, go ahead and purchase your copy of my book here. You'll be deeply inspired to push on, no matter how much pain you've endured across your lifetime, because we are all worthy of becoming who we dream to be, while tapping into joy and peace in the process. 


But it's not just for those who've experienced loss as a result of trauma, it's for everyone who has the privilege of touching the lives of those who are survivors, including therapists, educators, and law enforcement. Although these systems failed me in the pursuit of healing, this could help ensure others get the help they so deserve so the healing can begin! Again, you can purchase your copy here.


Keep scrolling for our FREE Global Abundance Summit. You will ease into 2024 with the inspiration, resources, and guidance of the eighteen speakers we have from across the globe.


And we're always here for you so if you want to talk about ways we can support you on your healing journey, click here to schedule a free consultation.



Demarra West


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