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The Art of Celebrating Black History & Happy Galentines❤️🖤💚

Happy Black History Month beautiful people. Blackness is something I relish in all year long. 


I read about the rich heritage, struggles, and plethora of contributions Black people have made in this country and across the globe. Right now that happens to be All About Love by bell hooks


I relish in going back to one of my motherlands, Africa, which will include the only region I haven't traversed to - West Africa - in March.


I intentionally support Black businesses, food, music, culture, and art. In fact in celebration of Valentines Day, I'll be at Dabney tonight, a Black owned bar that serves some of the best eats, libations, and music in town.


Black History Month started out as a weeklong celebration to honor the rich cultural traditions of Black people. Of course one week, and quite frankly the one month it turned into, is not quite enough since there isn't one fabric of society that the African Diaspora hasn't touched.


That's why year-round I deliberately seek opportunities to support and celebrate the lived experiences of Black people. And my hope is you do too, whether your ancestors came from Africa or not.


So it was nice to be celebrated by someone who I consider an ally in the work for racial justice last weekend. Myself, and seven others were honored with a decadent menu, fine details, champagne, and chocolates on the go, for the immense work we did collectively to bring in YWCA Kalamazoo's next CEO.


As I transition out of my role as board chair into ex-officio, my heart is full for being celebrated so fully in the name of ensuring we have the right leadership to ensure equitable access and advocacy for Blacks and beyond.


But the reality is sometimes, just sometimes, we have to simply celebrate yourself.


Whether you're booed up or single, with it being Valentines Day and all, my hope is you do something small or grand to love on yourself today. 


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In the spirit of celebrating Blackness,

Demarra West



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