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Staying Ready for the Right Opportunities

Today I write you from beautiful Ocala, Florida. I'm facilitating a three day wellness leadership retreat on beautiful grounds with an amazing team of individuals.

This opportunity came about through someone I've known and worked with periodically over the last few years. Although they never directly hired me to work with their team, we periodically kept in touch and they would send me opportunities for work from time to time.

One day I received a LinkedIn message from someone who said she found out about me through this individual and she had been following my work for a while. More specifically she said she had been "fan girling" me and had an opportunity that she thought I'd be interested in.

And that is how I got here, in Ocala, with some of the warmest people I've been fortunate to work with during the last sixteen years I've been a consultant. 

This is an example of what happens as we cultivate relationships. Each contact we have with someone is a chance that an amazing opportunity come our way.

Each time we remember that as The Abundance Book says, "Source is the source. No person, place, or condition is the Source," then we can be rest assured that people from all walks of life will be utilized at the right time to open doors for you. Sometimes even people who have appeared in the past to not like you. 

And when those opportunities come it is imperative we are ready for them. But even more than that it is important that we stay ready for them.

Staying ready means that every opportunity that comes your way that you feel aligned with you should take. There have been many times where I simply felt led to show up somewhere and I meet someone just like the person who planted the seed for this lovely opportunity.

So attend that meeting.

Connect with that person over coffee.

Be grateful when people send you opportunities.

Center the cultivation of building and sustaining relationships.

Go to that event.

Work the hell out that room.

We are always being divinely provided for and directed. But I can't help but wonder, are you doing your part to cease the wonders of this divinity?

I hope so, and if you're not, well, you can start today. 

When you show up in the ways you're being led, you can sit back and just watch how Universe/Source/God/Creator does the rest. 

That's where the magic lies.

That's where flow lies.

That's where ease lies.

As always we're here for you to help you prepare for each and every "right sized" opportunity. Click here for a brief chat anytime. And subscribe to our mailing list here to see what we've got upcoming! 

Cheers to endless opportunities,

Demarra West


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