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Slowing Down & Pausing To Attract What You Want

Regardless of whether or not we live in climates that naturally call us to slow down, or altogether pause, I believe the invitation for us to do so is always present.


That can show up in all kinds of ways, and for all kinds of reasons. At this moment, for me, that happens to be related to finding my next life partner. 


I had this epiphany that since I left my ex husband six years ago I have attracted individuals who are quite frankly not emotionally available. And once I slowed down to assess what was really going on, I realized that deep down, I too, am not emotionally available.


That slowing down allowed me to understand the importance of pausing dating altogether to tap into radical self love. I realized that I have some healing to do in the context of relationships, and this time will allow me to do just that. And loves I'm getting all kinds of clarity about myself in the process. 


Although, I'm not sure how long this period of not dating will last, I have a feeling it's going to be a while. I also believe that at the end of this, I too, will be one of those women who simply stumble upon my next hopefully life partner in let's say a coffeehouse (I love coffeehouses lol). 


In fact, I know that's exactly how it will happen because when we're really ready, the Source/God/Universe/Creator will send us exactly what we want.


This year I want to feel completely what it feels like to simply attract the things I want. To plant seeds and sit back and watch the harvest come in. To see just how magical 100% alignment feels like in every area of my life - including drawing in a wild love that can match me fully. 


Get ready because The Global Abundance Summit will help you fully embody what abundance means in every aspect of your life. Even if you've already curated your 24' goals, completed a vision board, or simply been reflecting about what you want this year, YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS. Just click the video to get a taste of what you can expect.

No matter how much you've discovered what you want, just know there is always more. And I guarantee you that The Global Abundance Summit will help you discover that more. 


It all goes down on January 29 and will be delivered directly to your email for FREE! Don't wait, go ahead and register now here, and encourage your people to do the same!


And if you want support in curating more abundance in your life this year, connect with me here so we can explore what coaching can do for you.

Let's get all this abundance ladies,

Demarra West


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