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Self Love Can't Flourish In Isolation

As we embark upon the end of February, what I like to refer to as the month of love, I was struck when reading this line from All About Love by bell hooks


In order to feel loved, we have to immerse ourselves in environments where love is present. 


Choosing community that is representative of the love we want to receive is a form of self love. As Nina Simone said, 'we have to know when love is no longer being served,' and then have the courage to get up from the damn table.


Community helps love thrive - it's the equivalent of love on steroids.


People harm us but people also have the power to heal us, when those people are rooted in principles that honor the fullness of who we are what we've been through. 


In other words, sacred, like minded community is healing within itself. And when you couple that community with knowledge and resources that help us to live well, we can't help but to flourish - on every single level in life. 


We are that community for you.


Check out the myriad of things we have upcoming in our community to support you in your healing and liberation by subscribing here. From sixteen new podcast episodes to a luxury retreat in Bali to my virtual book launch, we've got lots in store!


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Cheers to self love through community,

Demarra West


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