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Remaining Faithful in the Midst of Challenges

A couple weeks ago I was so excited to share with you all about my transition to Detroit. What you didn't know is the journey leading me to my move was one mired with many challenges. So much so that if I had known what I was walking into I would have never said yes.


But here is the thing. I knew the coop I purchased was exactly where I needed it to be. I had seen hundreds of other properties, but for some reason this property kept calling me. It was close to all the major things I wanted to access on foot if I choose on a regular basis. It's embedded in a community of nearly 100 members. And it simply just felt right.


In spite of all this, barrier after barrier ensued. First, the application process which was already quite intrusive (aka monthly expenses), changed causing me to have to apply again. Then they kept wanting more and more from me. And finally, the heartbreaking revelation that Luna's dog breed wasn't accepted at the coop. But still I felt led to forge on.


My approval letter didn't even come in until the late hours of last Friday, just four business days before I have to vacate my property, which just so happens to be today.


Although many of my family and friends tried to make me question whether this was the right thing for me, I knew in my soul that it was.


Holding steadfast to your faith, no matter how things look on the surface, and how many voices try to get you to break it, is key to living a truly aligned life.


No one has to understand your journey nor your destination but you. That understanding comes from a deep place of knowing thyself which can only be cultivated through consistent wellness practices.


As you continue your quest to know yourself, you better believe I'm here for it. If you need support along the way reach out here to explore how we can help you deepen faith in yourself and all that is waiting for you in this lifetime.





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