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Let's Grab All This Abundance

Happy new year my queens! I hope you brought the year in exactly the way you desired to. 


As we counted down to the new year something in my body reverberated. I could feel the change that's coming, the change that I deeply desire. 


I can't remember a time when I wasn't changing based on the external and internal work that I've done over the years. No matter how much I've changed though, the need to make change never stops presenting itself. And not the need from a place of force, but more so a need based on where I want to go, and a recognition that the next iteration of my highest and truest self requires me to expand.


As I listened to the sixteen Global Abundance Summit interviews in preparation to deliver an exceptional experience for you all, I got deeply excited. The recordings have been just what I needed to expand my thinking on exactly what I want next year which has been perfect timing for my vision board. Click the video above to learn more!


As you dive into your vision board, ask yourself deep, reflective questions about your future, list out all the things you desire, and request God/Universe/Source/Creator to deliver the very things you want, you've also got to get in on this amazing experience! It will only take you ten seconds to register here. After that, you can just wait for the content to start coming to your inbox. There is absolutely nothing more to do!


The final launch of the Global Abundance Summit, on January 29 through February 4, fueled by the energy that comes along with a new year is a perfect time for you to set a trajectory of excellence for 24'. Again register here.


And please do share with your community. It will take you a second to forward this enews to your people! Don't let them miss out on this good, good abundance. 


If you're looking for an abundance coach that can customize a more expansive future for you, I've got you! Just click here to schedule a consultation. 

Abundance cometh,

Demarra West



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