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I Can Choose This or Peace

Yes, yes y'all! I have landed in Detroit, and I am loving this city, so, so much!


Woman with braided hair, magenta top, peace sign, colorful mural background.
  • I love my neighbors and how they look out for me.

  • I love I am a five minute walk to the Dequindre Cut which is a beautiful greenway filled with art and all kinds of other treasures.

  • I love I'm a seven minute walk to the Eastern Market which is like a farmers market on steroids.

  • I love I'm about a mile from the Aretha Franklin multiplex where one can enjoy world renowned performances right on the Detroit River (I saw Layla Hathaway last night :)).

  • There is so much more to love like Supinos, a tasty pizza place within walking distance, where you can get a slice for less than $5, but I'll stop there for now.


But let me be real with y'all it hasn't been all butterflies and roses as the saying goes.


  • The movers placed boxes in many of the wrong places making unpacking quite difficult.

  • The previous owner left a bunch of their stuff behind and the place absolutely filthy.

  • A box of paintings is missing, one of which was quite expensive.

  • My bluetooth speaker broke.

  • It took a week to get WIFI.

  • And the list goes on...

The Course in Miracles teaches us, that we can choose this, or peace. 


In the beginning it was quite challenging to stay focused on the good. It seemed everywhere I turned I was faced with a challenge.

Once I channeled what I could actually control, I was able to ground into the present, seeing more of the wonder of the beautiful way my life was unfolding. The more I focused on that, the more I attracted wonderful things in my surroundings.


  • Like the cable guy miraculously showing up yesterday after he wasn't scheduled until about a week from now.

  • Finding out about the Layla Hathaway concert in the nick of time (the day before)

  • My neighbor taking two hours out of their schedule to introduce me to all things in the area like the meat market, boatyard weekends, the cut, and vintage shops

  • Getting a call back after nearly two months, and several attempts, from a potential partner/client that could be huge for our work

  • And last, but certainly not least, I'm getting the best sleep in my life

As soon as I shifted my energy to go with the flow, to not sweat the small stuff, I could begin to relish in more of the bounty laid right before me.


We are given endless opportunities to choose this or peace. Not only does choosing peace feel better but it also keeps our channel open to receive magical things with immense ease.


Let us help you channel your ability to choose peace abundantly in your life. Click here to schedule a consultation anytime. And of course subscribe here for all the wonderful things we have curated just for you! 


Cheers to choosing peace,


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