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How You Know It's Time For a Pivot

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to The Battle Creek Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. about pivoting. 


Pivoting has been commonplace in my life for the last twenty-five years. From affordable housing, to consulting, to the clinical world, to teaching at a university, to co-founding a CDF Freedom Schools, to this labor of love with Be Well Beautiful Woman. And to be honest who knows what other ways I'll pivot in the future - I just know more pivots are coming, because I am constantly changing.


What I am certain of is we are all multi-faceted. We were all meant to do multiple things across our lifespan. We were designed to have varied interests that light us up, that embolden us - which is bound to change as we evolve.


One of the first things we need to do to open ourselves up to the possibility of pivoting to something different is to be honest about who are we are, what we really want, who we really want to be. And then of course have the courage to go after it (which I'll cover in the next blogpost).


Those are big explorations that unfortunately many people leave this life not having the answers to. Fortunately sacred space, like the one that has been curated for The Global Abundance Summit has the power to help us discover those truths.


And the beautiful thing is you still have time to capture all sixteen speakers as long as you register here TODAY. After today, the three interviews from Monday will only be available for our VIP's which gives you lifetime access to the summit and include juicy bonuses like an abundance coaching session with yours truly. Just click here if you want that VIP treatment!

If you know for sure you're ready to accelerate abundance in your life, click here to schedule a consultation so we can discuss the power of coaching.


Cheers to pivoting,


Demarra West


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