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Aligned Practices = A More Evolved You

Demarra West at Tulum Mexico
Tulum, Mexico

I believe in having a plethora of wellness practices in our toolbox because we never really know when we're going to be called to a practice. For the fourth time, for example, I've been called to The Abundance Book to begin The Prosperity Plan which encompasses forty days of daily exercises to build our abundance muscles. This has also opened the door for me to incorporate journaling which I haven't used in roughly a year. 

The fact that I haven't utilized this practice in a year is irrelevant. What matters is that when I was ready to turn to it, it was there. I had countless journals I could utilize, the familiarity of what a journaling practice entailed, and the discipline and desire to sit with whatever emerged.

Needless to say, abundance is really flowing my way as a result. And although abundance is always available for us - all we have to do is fully embrace this truth and with every unfolding we get to see the abundance no matter how challenging the circumstance - the more we have abundance at the forefront of our consciousness the more we get to experience its power.

Aligned practices will help you get the highest rate of return on investment of your time. When we're aligned in our wellness practices, there is no expectation, just a trusting that things will unfold. We approach wellness through a state of being rather than doing from this place. 

Although I have go to practices such as Reiki nearly each morning, the nearly emphasizes that at times I switch it up. I allow my body, mind, and soul serve as my guide to get me to practices that are just right for what I'm working to birth in my life - moment by moment.

So don't believe the hype when someone tells you that you have to do one practice every day in order for you to be that thing. You are simply just you. You can have a practice of Reiki, yoga, pilates, hiking, meditation, breathework, and more and simply access these practices when they are most calling you. There are endless opportunities to center your wellness, even through simple breath. 

Do yourself a favor and keep trying on practices so you can discover the ones that resonate with you the most. Not to mention have the wellness practices that you need, when you need it, so you can maintain your flow state.

We always have opportunities for you to try on new ways of doing and being at Be Well Beautiful Woman including my debut book Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy, the Global Abundance Summit, a Bali Writers Retreat, and more. Subscribe to our e-newsletter here to explore these offerings and more.

And you can always schedule a free consultation here to expand your wellness repertoire.

Let's get this aligned practice,

Demarra West 


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