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Accepting What We Cannot Change

I'm approaching the ten year anniversary of my father's death. One day coming home from his hometown, a route he had driven countless times before, he pulled his car off to the side of the highway to get something from his trunk, he was struck by a car, and died instantly. It was my daughter's birthday.


Although my father and I had a complicated relationship most of my life, the last eleven years before he was taken from this Earth were mainly good.


I describe the complexity of the relationship with my father in Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy. What I don't talk about is that by the time we closed out his estate, due to his fiance's refusal to give my siblings and I any of his things, I had one picture of him holding my daughter when she was about three, wedding photos that radiated his joy, and one book that he gave to me while in college completing the HVAC program.


His life was gone before he completed that program. And in nearly ten years he's missed insurmountable things that I can do absolutely nothing about.


And because of that I have chosen to relish in the few things I do have and his memory which is never far from me. I visit him at the cemetery often, and I have discovered all kinds of ways to honor his life in spite of the fact he is no longer here in physical form. 

The Buddha says that any form of attachment causes us suffering, and the minute we let go of the things we have absolutely no control of, then we can get on with living. 

If we are focused on what was, or what could have been, then we are depriving ourselves from the joy of the moment.

So let it go.


Let go of the ways people have hurt you.

Let go of the ways that you've hurt yourself.

Let go of how your life could have been.

Let go of the times you let yourself or others down.

Let go of the people you wanted to show up, but didn't.

Let go of the things you didn't get.


Let go...


Because the minute you do, is the minute that your healing and liberation will start to swoop in.

As long as you're here on this planet, there is still time. Time for you to be who you always wanted to be - who you were divinely created to be. And time for you to have an abundance of joy, peace, and financial prosperity.


Let us help you capitalize on the time you have left, so you have the courage to let go of the past and step fully into the present. No matter how much time you've been stuck in the desires of the past, you can choose today to leave it there.

My book dedicates an entire chapter to grief to support you in leaving it, and of course if you need a little more support (or a lot :) to get you there we're always here. Schedule a complimentary consultation anytime here so we can discuss all the things you want to leave in the past so you can step boldly into your future.


Cheers to letting go,

Demarra West


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